Trim router suggestions
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Sweet! Looking forward to it...iam sure you are..hahah
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(06-09-2020, 12:01 PM)Koda64 Wrote: Sweet! Looking forward to it...iam sure you are..hahah

Finally got it. This one.

Milwaukee M18 trim router

Very nice! More compact than the photos make it look, even with the 5AH battery. I swapped out the standard (small) base for the larger one with the PC bushing adapter, screwed in a PC guide I have, and tried it with an edge guide. My first impressions are overwhelmingly positive. The quick release feature is greatly appreciated, especially after using my old PC310 for so many years. Great for fast, coarse adjustments, or for getting access to the collet nut when you change bits. The fine  height control is easy to find without looking, and is fast and precise at the same time. Milwaukee includes two wrenches for changing bits, but there is also a spindle lock -- which works perfectly -- so you only need the big wrench that turns the collet nut. The large plate comes with slightly oversized, counterbored mounting holes so you can center the bushing, should you need to. It's surprisingly quiet! The whole thing feels very solid, height adjustment locks up nice and tight. One nice surprise, to me anyway: it has a brake. Stops spinning almost instantly.

I haven't tried the fence or the dust shroud so no comments on those yet. 

I like it a lot. Glad I bought it.
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  Re: Trim router suggestions by Koda64 (Howd all. Iam in the...)
Thanks for the review. I've been curious as to how well this works. Where I used to work, they utilized the Milwaukee M18 system, this would be a good choice for them.
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