Tracksaw ?
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(06-04-2020, 05:34 PM)FireWood Wrote: It's 2020...   Even my lawyer, accountant, and real estate agent have given up their fax machines!

Back when I had my photography portrait business, one of my customers, a neurosurgeon did not pay his bill.  He owed me just over $1,300.00 back in 1985, or about $3,160.00 in current dollars.

I had sent he many invoices but he kept ignoring them. 

I found out that he shared an office with four other doctors in Roslyn, New York.  I looked up and then I started sending dunning faxes to his office.  Keep in mind that every secretary in the office would see that fax before the doctor did.  So the fact that he was not paying his bills was known throughout the office.
I suspect it was embarrassing.

In any event he called back and threatened to sue me.  And that I had to stop immediately.  I agreed.  I would stop immediately upon receipt of payment.  Until then I would send out notices every Monday and Thursday.

I received my check on Wednesday. 

Nowadays I will send a fax of an email if I want to really get someone's attention.  The impact of a fax cannot be underestimated in an era of emails. 

I used to  use Western Union telegrams to get urgent attention, but they are out of business.  Faxes are still effective communication devices.
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My order shows as shipped this morning, with a USPS tracking number that reflects the label created. So far so good.
  Re: Tracksaw ? by PedroOhare (What was the name of...)
So did it show up?

I miss nested quotes..........
  Re: Tracksaw ? by PedroOhare (What was the name of...)
I totally forgot about this--yes, arrived in great shape. Don't recall the dates, but it was timely. Sorry about not following up!!
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(06-05-2020, 06:52 AM)PedroOhare Wrote: I probably should have clarified in my original post that I already have their tracksaw. I just needed the name in order to figure  out how to set it up. Which I have done.


Glad that you were not looking into buying a new track saw like the Festool. Over there, threads after threads about ways and solutions (hint: buy more pricey after-market accessories) to make repetitive cuts or accurate square cuts etc. By the time all is said and done, the track saw could easily turn out to be a $3,000 portable saw! Not to mention about the learning curve with some of those accessories.

I recently successfully discouraged a guy with a deep pocket to stay away from the track saw...and if I were on commission, I'd be much happy as he landed on a cabinet sawstop 240v with all the bells and whistles in the end.


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