New Titebond Product
Just received an emailed update from Woodsmith Partners about a quicker setting version, TiteBond Speed Set.
Does anyone have any experience or opinion on this?
  Re: New Titebond Product by brianwelch (Just received an ema...)
2 to 4 mins open assembly time only! Not for me....I need less glue up stress not more.

  Re: New Titebond Product by brianwelch (Just received an ema...)
It sounds a lot like the PVA glue we used in picture framing by Framica called "Corner Weld". 

We would apply the glue to the miters, rub the surfaces back and forth a bit and then align the miter.  By the time that was done the corner was already tacked together.  An hour or so after that you could handle the parts.

At the  time when Corner Weld arrived on the scene the only glue available was white glue (Elmers or the equivalent).  I did tests back then (probably 35 years ago), and the Corner Weld was vastly stronger than Elmers. 

I recently tested Corner Weld against Woodworkers III and found that the strength was nearly identical.  The setting time was vastly different though.

For picture framing where clamping is fast and simple the fast setup time is an advantage.  I still have some of it in the house but I would not use if for anything that required more than one minute to clamp.

The market for this glue (in my opinion) is the same as Corner Weld:  Picture framers.

I use Woodworkers III over the original or Woodworkers II because of the longer open time.  Glue ups are less stressful when you have more open time.

Titebond Speed Set Wood Glue is an extremely fast-setting, high solids PVA adhesive. It provides exceptional gap filling properties developing a bond stronger than the wood itself. This product offers excellent sandability, unaffected by finishes, and increases productivity through its shorter clamp time with no increase in viscosit...
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  Re: New Titebond Product by brianwelch (Just received an ema...)
I like the gap filling and sandability claim.  I think it would be good for when I have mitered or scarf joint trim pieces, I need to join.  Especially since they are hard to clamp, so fast setting would be good.
  Re: New Titebond Product by brianwelch (Just received an ema...)
I used to keep a bottle of high-solids PVA around back in the day.  With only a couple decades of screw ups to practice on I don't need the gap filling so much anymore.  Laugh
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