Bench clean up..
Seem to go through this on every project....once all the work ON the bench is seem to just "hang out" on the bench.. Rolleyes
Where's the bench?! No 

Tried a bit...while finishing the Project...
Got to about here..was trying NOT to stir up too much dust, as a second coat of finish is drying nearby....finally got almost all off the bench... Rolleyes
Even found a "Winchester" among the squares being put away... Cool doesn't have a trigger.. No 
Most of the items moved across the aisle..
See how many you can ID.... Confused 

The oil can and the stone on the bench? they are to sharpened a Francken Plane 3416.....90% Sargent, rest?   A Bailey marking here and there...
Rear handle wasn't right, swapped that out.   Swapped out a Defiance iron for a no-name one.   Rest will have to stay put.  
Iron was flattened, and sharpened to 25 degrees, no back bevels or other weird stuff...mated to the Bailey chipbreaker ( had a patent date stamped on it,,from a stanley Trans. plane)

Seemed when I laid the chipbreaker would rock...big high spot where it touched the iron in the center....about 5 "taps" with a ball pean hammer's ball end...NOW it sits flat, no gaps.   Then, for some reason, the lateral lever isn't fitting into the slot ( later, I just file the slot wider)  set the cutter assembly in the plane...
Was a tad too deep ( like the new handle on the back?)
More adjustments.  Tried on a scrap of pine 1 x 4...
Hmmm, turned out, I was going against the grain...turn the board around, try again..
Seemed to work MUCH better.   I had already checked the sole for flat...then rubbed the sole with a candle....

Might just be a keeper?
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
  Re: Bench clean up.. by bandit571 (Seem to go through t...)
I can relate, For me I can start on a simple enough project and before I know it I got bought every tool in the shop evolved and when I'm done it seems  to take me longer to clear the bench and put tools back up than it did to do the job.

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