deck upgrade?
Built a 12'x26' deck 35 years ago.  Used 2x4's over joists on 24" centers for the decking.  (2x4's at that time were cheaper than the 5/4 decking)

But the years have taken their toll.  A few boards are in fairly bad shape and all are weathered.

Pressure washed the deck and took off most of the semi-transparent stain we've sprayed on it.

Now SWMBO and eldest son are talking replacing deck boards as part of getting house ready to sell.

I'm more inclined to replace the really bad boards, restain and let the next owner decide what to do with it.

My concern is that the new PT boards won't hold up well -- I have heard of problems with the new stuff.

Anyone here with much experience with the new type of PT boards Confused Confused Confused
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  Re: deck upgrade? by Wild Turkey (Built a 12'x26' deck...)
PT lumber isn't as good as it used to be. SInce you are selling the house replacing the whole deck won't pay for itself. Just repair and let it sell. And for the lifespan of the new PT lumber on it that's the new owners problem.
  Re: deck upgrade? by Wild Turkey (Built a 12'x26' deck...)
My experience with PT lumber is that currently it is very hard to find now in any kind of quantity, at least in the mid Atlantic. Check your sources as buying a few boards will be easier than buying a deck load. 

In March I was in the same spot you are...30 year old deck, rotting deck boards. Took them all off aiming to replace. Then found the joists weren't in good shape either, joist hangers were suspect, etc. Tore the whole thing down and now having trouble finding anyone with adequate PT inventory on hand. Will take multiple buys over weeks to get what I need.
  Re: deck upgrade? by Wild Turkey (Built a 12'x26' deck...)
I agree with the above. Fix it up and good luck finding an adequate supply of lumber.
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  Re: deck upgrade? by Wild Turkey (Built a 12'x26' deck...)
The biggest problem (imho) with the new PT formula is it's reaction to zinc on the galvanized brackets and Teco nails. It doesn't seem to make much of a difference with the newer coatings on decking screws.

That being said... I'll never build another deck with wood decking. I do expect to do one more deck at out house and will use something like Trex or some other composite. Refinishing gets old.

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