Re: Cyclones by lincmercguy (I've been thinking o...)
Today I vacuumed the floor with the cyclone and something big went round and round inside the cyclone at inlet level until I turned it off.  I need to put a neutral vane in to stop that from happening. The inner liner is too big to allow me to put in a tube the size of the inlet, so I'm thinking that a ramp serves almost the same purpose.
  Re: Cyclones by lincmercguy (I've been thinking o...)
Eric, that was common with my Oneida...and it had a neutral vane of sorts. It's nothing to worry about, although it is annoying. That hasn't happened with my CV, (which I guess is because it has the air ramp).
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Well, I ended up with the Laguna and put it together this afternoon. They're having a 10% off sale and Woodcraft had one in stock to save the shipping fee. It seems to do well, but I haven't hooked a hose up to it and I didn't have the seal/bag in the bin when I ran it.

Putting it together wasn't too bad, but the instructions have a lot of mistakes and could use better pictures. The fastener bags are marked, which helps. No spare hardware is included, so I made sure not to lose anything. Since I've done one, I could fly through another one.

It seems pretty well built. I'll have to get the hoses hooked up tomorrow and try it out. I want to so some permenant ducting, but have to figure out the best way. I have everything setup to keep the runs short.
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(06-26-2020, 05:26 PM)BandSawyer Wrote: Very much like my Oneida some of the best money I spent in the shop.

Ditto.  Mine's called a "Dust Gorilla," my only gripe is that I was too cheap to invest in a sensor to tell me when the barrel is full, which can be a problem when I fire up the planer and go through a bunch of 2x material.  It was definitely a stretch when I bought it, but seriously, a good DC system is worth a lot.
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