Moving to Florida
The thread is old, but I just wanted to add for someone who might look for the same thing as the OP. That might be a good decision to hire a company that can store your stuff in a reliable place. They can also look after the surfaces to ensure they do not become rusty.  I have experience cooperating with a company that offered container warehouses for their clients’ machinery: SPAM LINK DELETED You might look for a similar company and ask them about this service. I think some companies should do the same thing in your area.

I live in Central Florida in Orlando. Salt spray is not a thing here, but humidity is. Just remember climate controlled does not mean humidity controlled. So, 72 deg climate controlled in the Arizona desert will be dry as bones, but 72 deg here in most of Florida is 65-85% RH. As I'm writing this, it's 72 deg F and the RH is 68%. Anything over 30% RH and you'll get rust. So, wherever you go, protect your tools with a coat of wax or Boeshield or something like that.
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Here's an update to my original post. We made the move to Florida. I prepped all my cast iron stuff by putting a coat of Boshield on it then covering it in cardboard cut to size. My thought with the cardboard was that it would help protect the cast iron from damage in case something fell on it during the trip down.
Everything was stored in a 21 foot cargo trailer and stayed in there for about 9 months. After unpacking, only 1 item had any significant amount of rust on it and that was due to a small leak in the trailer roof vent. I noticed that leak a couple of months in and put some plastic over every thing in that area as well as taped some plastic over the roof vent itself.

Once our house was enclosed and the electricity turned on, it was time to unpack. The tools had been calling my name. It was like Christmas getting all the stuff out of the trailer into my garage. I ended up using many of the tools to help complete the construction of the house.

Everything made the trip well and we're very glad to be in our new home.
I am a firm believer in Boeshield T-9 and will continue to use it since I still got a couple cans on the shelf and only apply twice a year at most for my basement shop.  But recent tests show the new king of the anti-corrision hill is CRC Corrosion Inhibitor (there are a few CRC products so make sure you get the right one):

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