What is it?
I know I've seen/used it.    Thanks,


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Card scraper bender?
Kind of looks like a #71 edge adjuster
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Framing square button???
(07-10-2020, 12:59 PM)Tony (Charleston WV) Wrote: I know I've seen/used it.    Thanks,

It's a fence for a Stanley #67 spokeshave.
If it's about an inch wide, it's the edge guide/fence from a Stanley No. 67 spokeshave, in good condition.  The only "sold" listing I found on The Auction Site Named After a Water Feature was for $75, so you might have a worthy item to list: both uncommon and worth something to people.

By the way, if you have other parts from that box, post them; and, if it turns out you have the flat sole, let's talk.
Used on the spine of a Mitre Box's saw....to unlock the saw and let it drop down, ready for work......and usually the first item to get lost....They sit right in front of the saw's handle.
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
So much for my memory.  I spent enough time on the #67 to look for a flat sole.  I had bought one years ago from Robert Howard of St. James Tools.  His list of dupes include the flat sole, and the fence.  (I found the  the sole  and fence, but while listed, the sole appears missing.  I've been practicing with a couple of SSs, but have some work to go.  The #67 looks a bit difficult.

I thought I found a copy of an user's guide but seem to have lost it.  Anyone have it?

Thanks for the help.  Check our first grandchild-Maxine. Unless she makes her own pick, I'm going for Max. No predictions, but, as you can see, some theatrical chops have been showing a bit.  I'm stopping strangers on the street and raving.  Be nice if Covid would cooperate-I've yet to get my arms around her.

Sorry for the big pix.  Bedtime.




The Maxine gloat wins out over the Stanley 67 gloat, big time!  She's a cutie.

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