Sharpening Station

I'd like to put it on the shelf of my out feed table that sits halfway between the top and bottom of the table.  I can free up the amount of space I'll need,  and be able to sit on a low stool to work.  No running water, just a couple of jugs that do the trick currently.  I can turn around and be at my bench in a step and a half, tops.

I want to be able to mount the 16" x 20"-ish  piece of plywood  which currently has roughly 1 1/2" high rails around three sides. I'll have to slide the set-up out of the way when I'm not using it.  I'd like to use some type of slides that I either fix to the sides of the rails and to the shelf, or  drop some kind of braces from the underside of the out feed table top. I can then fix the slides to those braces.  

I'm concerned that, in either scenario, there will be too much movement of the "platform" and I'll wind up with some pretty funky edges on my tools.  I've never tried to sharpen anything in a moving vehicle, so to speak, and don't want to start now.  Any thoughts?

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The regular drawer guides I'm used to will sure allow movement.  I've not used them, but my one experience with under-mount guides seemed "more stable".  Good luck.  I have my grinder and Tormek on a pull out Lazy-Susan; works great, but there is movement side to side.
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  Re: Sharpening Station by Tony (Charleston WV) (Hi:  I'd like to...)
I would think trying to do sharpening at that height off the floor might be awkward? Better to sharpen at bench level?
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Try it and see. Moving stones do add, um... an interesting dimension to sharpening, that's for sure. I've found this out when I fail to put anti-skid padding under my stones when I place them on the bench.

I wish I could have a dedicated sharpening station.
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