Hardboard vs lauan ply
I need to replace a panel on an accordion that was originally (ca 1950's) lauan ply with a layer of cellulose glued on.  The cellulose has warped with age/temperature and the warped panel impedes the action of the instrument. The panel is of the 1/4 inch or whatever metric equivalent thereof (it was made in Italy).  I will be flattening and re-gluing the celluose "veneer".   I am not sure sheet metal is an option as a piece thick enough to resist flexion under use would be too heavy for the application.

Does hardboard resist warping better than lauan ply? I would consider this if it is a better material.
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I would think the ply would be the better choice but I would add a veneer to the inside face that is similar to the cellulose veneer on the outside.
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In the interests of future searches, I'll post the results of my repair.

For a clean repair, I removed the celluloid from the lauan ply.  The final layers, which were, I assume, glued together, required a sharp chisel and sandpaper to separate.  With the celluloid completely cleaned of any residue of plywood, it was flexible and showed no signs of curling or warping.  I sanded a 1/4" piece of hardboard to the correct thickness and used good contact cement (Barge's) to apply the celluloid film.  Pressed between two layers of cutoff from our kitchen countertop install and a 5 pound weight (railroad tie) and set for 48 hrs.  This morning the piece is flat as can be.

I am assuming the ply was not stiff enough to resist the curling of the celluloid, or the wood itself was what deformed. We'll check back in another 50 years to see how this method holds up

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