Suggestions needed for narrow retaining walll
  Re: RE: Suggestions needed for narrow retaining walll by chrisntam (I believe the gentle...)
(08-02-2020, 05:48 PM)chrisntam Wrote: I believe the gentleman from Alabama is correct, I hadn't looked at it from that perspective, the over riding issue is that the shed is too low.  You are also correct, wood floor on 4 x 4 treated piers, set in concrete. 

It's a nice looking shed (though I've outgrown it), recently replaced floor, replaced rotted/termite damaged siding and trim, along with new, two color paint.

I won't raise it at this point, I'll build a little retaining wall for now, which will buy some add'l time...

I was going to ask what kind of foundation it is on.

On the town on Long Island where my parents use to live, you could have a shed, but if it was on a foundation then it had to be permitted.  So most of the sheds were not on foundations.  Rot and termites are invited to that party.  I don't recall that there were any carpenter ants there, but I think they thrive on moist soil content and might have been there.
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  Re: Suggestions needed for narrow retaining walll by chrisntam (Working between my h...)
(08-01-2020, 05:59 PM)chrisntam Wrote: ...I need to raise the soil level against the house...

No, that leads to termite problems.
Wood is good. 
  Re: Suggestions needed for narrow retaining walll by chrisntam (Working between my h...)
Ideally, the soil level below the brick of this slab foundation should be 2” to 4”.  By my shed, it’s 9”. Need to add about 5” to 7” of soil to this area.  Adding soil lessens the "drying" of the soil at and under the foundation, which slows any settlement, which is what is happening now.

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