rewiring a jet air filter
I have one of those jet air filters that hangs from my ceiling.  The remote stopped working - ordered a replacement - still nothing - maybe its the wrong remote - thought I got the numbers right but the new remote has a white background while the old has a black background

Problem is without the remote the timer feature doesnt work.  Also I have to reach up and turn it on manually and adjust speed manually which is a problem because I want to move it and it will be out of reach

So Im wondering if its possible to rewire the switches to where it is always on at the highest speed 

This way I can connect it to a smart switch and tell alexa to run it for x amount of hours and walk away

I plan to take it apart this weekend and see what I am dealing with inside it -currently it has push buttons for all features
  Re: rewiring a jet air filter by Wipedout (I have one of those ...)
I looked and I didn't take pictures-excuse my memory, but the board on mine went bad, I replaced the ______ that always goes bad and still nothing. I left it for a couple years and finally eliminated the board entirely. I don't remember how I wired it, but I think all three choices were the same, so I picked one (maybe the board controlled the speed). Then I rigged up a mechanical timer that I could plug the filter into. It works fine, I miss the other speeds, but I didn't damage anything and I can use it now.

May not solve your problem, but consider this a bump.
  Re: rewiring a jet air filter by Wipedout (I have one of those ...)
Thanks toolmiser. It beats not having it or buying a new one
  Re: rewiring a jet air filter by Wipedout (I have one of those ...)
I did my Rikon that was to be warranted for 5 years but no luck on that.

What I did do was take it in to an appliance kind of store and they told me it was the circuit board and they will try to find one.  I told them to put on a on/off toggle switch instead and use a stick to turn it on and off.
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