Quick Connect Dust Collection Input
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(08-12-2020, 09:55 PM)Tapper Wrote: Nobody picked up on that?


It looks like a hole saw. I suspect he may be using something with carbide cutting edges for the Bakelite and the amount he is cutting out but that's just a guess.

  Re: Quick Connect Dust Collection Input by T.J. (Hey, folks. Hope eve...)
(08-10-2020, 01:38 PM)T.J. Wrote: Hey, folks. Hope everyone is staying safe in your shops and wearing your masks (against dust and other baddies).
I'm uber cheap Big Grin . I have 6" PVC dust collector plumbing and use 6" polyurethane hoses for connections to my dust collector. My thinking is that there's quite a bit of turbulence in the air flowing through the 6" hose. 6" flexible hose might flow about the same CFM as smooth 4" ducting. I don't have a problem with dust and chips falling out of the air stream. Most of my machines have 4" ports. It so happened that 4" thin wall PVC pipe fit snugly over those 4" machine ports. I just cut short lengths of 4" PVC pipe then slotted the ends maybe 1 1/4" and bent the resulting 'tabs' in a little bit. For the 6" hose it just so happens that a 6" X 4" PVC reducer fits pretty snugly over the 6" hose. I smeared some silicone caulk on the outside of the hose and twisted the hose into the PVC reducer. I considered a couple small bolts with fender washers through the hose and 6 X 4 reducer but  haven't needed them. The 4" end of the 6 X 4 reducer fits nicely over the 4" 'stubs' and will stay in place snugly. Works fine and cost pretty much nothing, I already had the 4" pipe.
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(08-10-2020, 01:38 PM)T.J. Wrote: What say you? Do you have the Rockler setup? If not, what do you use instead?
I have the older version of the Rockler setup. Since buying I have started using green 4" PVC sewer pipe. I like it better. Sometimes the Dust Rite is a little too tight, hard getting it on and off. That doesn't happen with the PVC. I use the universal hose clamp - duct tape.

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  Re: Quick Connect Dust Collection Input by T.J. (Hey, folks. Hope eve...)
A contractor I work a lot with does concrete cutting, grinding, and polishing. He has serious vacuums that collect concrete dust from 25" and 36" dia. floor grinders. They all use cam-lock fittings. They're pretty much indestructible, and seal well (well enough for high water pressure if needed). They lock together easily depending on the gasket thickness and stay together 'till you release the cams. Available in standard sizes with several mounting options (i.e. hose barb, threaded, in male or female); they are standardized so for the most part they fit across various manufacturers. There are matching plugs available too. Prices vary widely but I haven't seen much difference in performance even comparing poly. to aluminum.
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