Air hose reel recommendation?
  Re: Air hose reel recommendation? by ed kerns (I'm in the market fo...)
When I worked as a mechanic one of the dealerships had sone very expensive air hose reels. We all hated those things. Somebody could be walking through and step on the air hose in such a way at times and the hose would take off flying. Because of the tension the hose fittings would often snap off too. I tried a hand drank reel but it leaked a lot of air and was annoying. Today I use a 50’ Prevost Flexair hose that coils and uncoils quickly by hand and is super flexible. I like this much better than anything else I’ve tried.
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(08-15-2020, 07:50 PM)packerguy® Wrote: Ive had awesome luck with the flexzilla reel and 30' of hose.

I have two of those and while they work well and I have had no problems with them they both have one bad quirk. when pressurized the hose must expand slightly and the reel seems to fill up with about 2' or 3' of it left hanging out. I kept banging my head into them. I ended up shortening the hoses by that 3' and now have good working 27' hose reels. I have 8' ceilings but if I had 10 or 12 foot ceilings I probably would have moved the stop down and never noticed this quirk.
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  Re: RE: Air hose reel recommendation? by ed kerns ([quote='Admiral' pid...)
(08-15-2020, 03:45 PM)ed kerns Wrote: Thank you. I've heard good things about that reel, but you can't always trust the online reviews. Especially good to hear it's still working for you after a few years service.

On sale right now for $59 with a coupon.  Just happened to see the coupon, which is good until 8/31, so no rush.
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  Re: Air hose reel recommendation? by ed kerns (I'm in the market fo...)
Those HF hose reels are one of the 'gems' as far as I'm concerned.
Got two of them and they are problem free.
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  Re: Air hose reel recommendation? by ed kerns (I'm in the market fo...)
Family farm & home has the hand crank DeWalt reels on sale all the time. Bought one a couple years ago, flawless, no leaks at all.

Comes with 50' of hose.


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