Christmas Gifts
  Re: Christmas Gifts by Halfathumb (I have 3 daughters, ...)
Generous offer Ralph.

I’ve made a number of iPhone speaker amplifiers.
Cutting boards
Tea box
Wine box
Soap box: my girls liked this. It’s basically a small pencil box.

Boxes are well received.

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  Re: Christmas Gifts by Halfathumb (I have 3 daughters, ...)
I also like table games. We always play them with our children. If we are speaking about special gifts, I always strive to find something interesting and personalized. For example, I ordered for my parents on this Christmas a nice set of custom couples bobbleheads. I sent my mom's and dad's photos and the master made their small copy very qualitative and fine. They were very surprised with such a gift and places it in the most prominent place in the house. They are very proud of them and show everyone
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Google:  shop made wooden gifts
go for images.

...only when you've got some time.  The possibilities are bewildering.  Choices will depend on your shop resources and shop experience.
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How about an Apple Watch charging station (if any have Apple Watches)?  I am planning to make one for my daughter (26 years old).  Here are a few examples that I found online.  I think I like the last one best so far.

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I made the cutting boards one year, then jewelry boxes for the females, and keepsake boxes for the males the next.

After a request, I made a couple of them knives with custom sheaths, and kitchen knives  for others.  All with blade kits from Woodcraft. The cool thing about the knives is they let you use the small off cuts of nice wood in the shop for the scales.  Curly Cherry, Cocobolo, Black Walnut, Spalted Maple... and they are gifts that get used.  

I've  made the wife sewing boxes, potato bins for the kitchen, caddy for fly tying materials.  I just look for things they can use.  The ones that are still students... Lap desks...??
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  Re: Christmas Gifts by Halfathumb (I have 3 daughters, ...)
These tool totes were a big hit with the grandkids too.

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While reading this forum, an interesting idea came to me. My grandson loves toy guns, I thought of buying only a nerf machine gun, but it is too simple. I will create a storage box for all his toy guns because I noticed that he has a big collection and he keeps them all over the house which makes his mom nervous. I will look for ideas on the Internet, but I will be happy if you will help me with some ideas. I really hope that he will like it, especially that I made it by myself, plus that he will find there the nerf gun he wanted for a long time.
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(08-24-2020, 05:08 PM)iclark Wrote: Christmas tree ornaments seem to be appreciated in our family. Woodturning or scrollsaw are the easiest toolset.

I'll second this one.  I've been making scroll saw Christmas ornaments for almost 30 years.  It's become a cherished family tradition.  There are a bajillion patterns out there, many are free.
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