replacing a hollow core door.
  Re: RE: replacing a hollow core door. by Robert Adams (I do the nail or scr...)
(08-25-2020, 08:11 AM)Robert Adams Wrote: I do the nail or screws in the ends of the door trick as well but if doing more than one door I will spray it. Much better results by spraying, way faster and much less frustration than using a brush with allot of todays paint that doesn't flow well. If using oil based paint I don't mind brushing as much as it's allot easier to work with than waterbased paint.

You should try one of the oil modified waterborne paints, like BM's Advance or SW's Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel.  Best of both worlds.  Goes on like oil based paint but dries and cures much faster, and soap and water clean up.  Very durable after it cures, too.  

  Re: replacing a hollow core door. by Cooler (I am replacing a hol...)
Apparently I forgot to hit the submit button on my reply yesterday. Anyhoo, hollow core doors here have always been constructed of some pressed paper skin stuff with the edges being solid wood. I have always hung doors before I painted them, prehung or otherwise. First, I can paint both sides at once and second, I don't scuff the fresh paint while I am hanging the door.

  Re: replacing a hollow core door. by Cooler (I am replacing a hol...)
Best tip I saw for painting a door is to put 2 screws in the bottom and one screw in the top with a paint stirrer. Then you can lean the paint stick against a wall, lets you paint front, back and edges in one session. Works great for spraying, but would probably work for brush as well. I wish I could find a picture of this to explain it better than I can.

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