Nova DVR Question
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(08-29-2020, 06:52 PM)jcredding Wrote: Thanks all.  It does work just fine - I tested it before packing it up.  No noise, etc. and I can’t see upgrading it since I’m not keeping it.  I’ll put it on CL and see what happens.  I’m in no rush and have the storage space.

I would ask at least that if I for some reason I decided to sell my DVR 3000. I believe that mine is 15 or more years old bought when they Woodcraft was closing them out due to the XP coming out. The Mfg. inspection tag on the headstock says 7-28-03 I have turned a lot of bowls hollow forms etc some a large as 20 + inch diameter it is still as quiet as the day I got it no sign of bearing issues or electronic issues. I would not expect any problems now or in the future for mine or the one your trying sell. They seem very reliable. Also  if he added a bed extension or outrigger those items are very hard to find. Thus added value. I actually have seen the same add in NW Indiana and gave thought to getting it so I would have potential spare lathe. There isn't much it lacks other than weight easily remedied with a proper stand and some weight added, and most people have found the bowls over 16" as fun as they are to turn are bigger than most people want .  
Just my .02 cents worth 
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(08-27-2020, 01:20 PM)jcredding Wrote: Thanks for the posts, and certainly agree tool prices seem to be down in CA.  My MIL is unfortunately losing her memory and all family / friends have passed so my wife and I are it.  I’ll ***** to CA  with the rest of the shop and see what I can get for her.  In the meantime, maybe I’ll play with it.

I think telling people where it is currently might help you and others
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  Re: Nova DVR Question by jcredding (My FIL recently pass...)
Happy to talk about where it is (and is going). It started in Peoria, IL last Thursday and is now somewhere between there and Thousand Oaks, CA. It arrives here on September 9, and then I get to unpack a Pod (an interesting and relatively economical way to move a complete shop for anyone thinking about it).

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