Winterizing outboard
Have 2015 150 yamaha fuel injected outboard. Had mechanic winterize it last fall. This spring realized won't be able to use the boat this summer due to medical issue. Removed all the gas out of gas tank in June . Do I need to have it rewinterized?
  Re: Winterizing outboard by Bill Mains (Have 2015 150 yamaha...)
No, you shouldn't. Lower unit and crankcase oil haven't been used. But, a year with the same fuel in it and assuming it's not Ethanol free, you might try to get the fuel out of the tank if possible. I'd probably still back out the plugs and shoot some fogging oil in it just in case.

Basically they change the oil in the crank case, lower unit, put preservative in the fuel and fog the cylinders.

edit to add: I'd probably run the motor for a while. Outboards don't like sitting idle. But with no gas in it, it's might be a pain.
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  Re: Winterizing outboard by Bill Mains (Have 2015 150 yamaha...)
Check the owner's manual for winterizing instructions. I've had outboards that self drain, and those that would hold water around the impeller. Better safe than sorry. The manual is probably a google search away.

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