Remote control mechanism for casement windows
We have a 16 year-old house outfitted with Pella windows.  Two of the windows are casement windows in a corner above the kitchen sink.

LOML has asked if we can retrofit a motorized opener onto these windows.  She can just barely reach to open them, and at the angle, it's difficult for her to put enough torque on the mechanism to open the windows.  Opening the windows has become more difficult as we get older.

I have done some searching to find retrofit kits to add motorized openers to these windows.  However, most seem like a bit of a kluge.  One site seemed to have the individual components to "design your own", and it looked like a "McGyver-type" adventure in window mechanisms.

The screens on these windows are on the interior side, and we definitely want to keep the screen; the flies can be bothersome in our rural area.

Has anybody done a retrofit to add motors to casement windows?  Are there some good sites out there where I can do more research?

Thanks in advance...
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I have never tried it but I is appealing for hard to access windows.  At $160.00 each, I would be sparing on how I used it.
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