Orbital Sander free spin
My Dewalt random orbital sander sands just fine but when I turn it off, it keeps spinning.  Anyone know why or if it is fixable?
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  Re: Orbital Sander free spin by angelosart (My Dewalt random orb...)
Ck the o-ring under the pad. May be broken


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WaterlooMark 02/9/2020

  Re: Orbital Sander free spin by angelosart (My Dewalt random orb...)
I have two air powered R.O.S's. They both continue to spin when I take them off the wood and then let off the air lever. My DeWalt R.O.S. just spins for a second or two. In use I see no real difference except I can control the pneumatic ones more with air pressure and/or volume. I believe it's correct to say that the first random orbit sanders were used in body shops and were air powered; please correct me if I'm wrong .
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