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(09-16-2020, 09:38 PM)iclark Wrote: It sounds like you are using the skew as a drop-nose scraper. Crown makes a drop nose scraper in their Glenn Lucas signature line that looks almost just like an Alan Lacer skew. I make sure to read the signature on mine before sharpening or applying to the wood.

Nothing wrong with that, but it does mean going back to the grinder for sharpening the skew more often vs just honing it with a diamond or CBN card.

Scraping rather than slicing will turn a burr opposite where you like it turned to be most effective, that's for sure.  Wood doesn't have the same force as your burnisher, but it will make the edge less effective - dull - when steel is used to scrape.  Carbide isn't like steel. it's not malleable , so the edge is just roughened by breaking away rather than curling.

Couple other things destroy even properly applied edges .  Laziness in not removing grit-containing bark (guilty), and corrosion from not wiping your tools after working wet wood (also guilty).  My bandsaw blades now last longer than before because I wipe them down, as I do with the lathe tools after turning wet - and usually acid wet - wood.
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I took the second bat (laminated birch) to my game tonight. It weighed in at 41.76 ounces, which is very heavy for a 34 inch bat. However, some time in the cage showed it sounded good, the ball jumped, and I could maintain bat speed.

No hits in the game, but I did hit one ball pretty hard. Just right at the shortstop.

All I want is to get a hit with a bat I made...from a lone birch board I had laying around...after I made my mother a printer stand.

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