Brick veneer
It seems the brick facade on the front of my house has pulled away a little from the corner where cedar siding meets, amout 1/4 ". Mortar joints are good so far, no cracks.

I see there are brick ties to remediate these types of issues that are essentially a countersunk expansion anchor in reverse in the mortar. CPT Gripe Tight 5300 was what I saw. They dont seem to be something sold retail and some are costly and tool to insert even more so.

My thought is to drill a pilot hole in the mortar, drill a larger countersink 1/2" into mortar and screw in a lag bolt or tapcons for generally the same effect to shore up the facade from any further movement. I would also apply concrete epoxy prior to adding the bolt for added gripping power. Afterwards mortar over the holes.

Foundation seems fine in that corner but sewer is also over there and was repaired at the foundation from previous owner. Perhaps that caused a little settling and made the brick move.

Anyone else run in to this issue? Should I just get a pro to fix this even though the process is straight forward?

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