Ornamental Turner & Jet Tools - Thousand Oaks, CA
For sale are (i) Nova Ornamental Turner, Jet 6" jointer and Jet 16" bandsaw, each described below. All are in great shape, though note the bandsaw needs new tires:

Nova Ornamental Turner: Includes various cutter assemblies and blades, tool posts, thread cutting accessories. A complete list provided upon request. Original cost $1,225; asking $650. It's heavy, but will ship if you're willing pay for shipping.

Jet JJ-6CSX Jointer: Includes jointer, push paddles, extra set of blades, blade setting jig and mobile base. Cost new: $1,250; asking $650

Jet JWBS-16 Bandsaw: Includes saw with 1.5hp motor, fence, 6 blades, roller and euro guides (roller installed) and heavy duty mobile base: Cost new: $1,100; asking $550

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  Re: Ornamental Turner & Jet Tools - Thousand Oaks, CA by jcredding (For sale are (i) Nov...)
My neighbor was asking me last night about getting a BS and what I'd recommend.

Now for the unfortunately but too frequent comment: If you were ~2200 miles closer, my neighbor and I would probably be on our way over to pick it up.
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  Re: Ornamental Turner & Jet Tools - Thousand Oaks, CA by jcredding (For sale are (i) Nov...)
Will you take payments for the next 10 years for the Ornamental turner. Smirk
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