PC routers GONE ?
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Come on guys and gals. PC was making power tools long ago when most of us first started out home work shops. They provided quality tools, stood by us when we needed them and made our hobbies and jobs worthwhile. If ever a product should be honored for their workmanship and variety of products, PC should stand out as the American company for the American wood worker!
Just because they sold out and left us in the dark and the quality has gone down and the market geared more for the Asian persuasion, we must stand by them in memory of a time when PC really cared for us. So the quality isn't the same. So they have skipped out on us. So they pretty well dumped their product for another company to screw up. We still owe that last bit of dedication to a once great tool company.

But for now, I'm looking at a plunge base Makita. Uhoh
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(10-03-2020, 08:37 PM)Stwood_ Wrote: You seem to have some cranky ol wuss built in. Raised

All I posted was links showing that a select few pc routers are still available.
Buy what you want, or not. I -do-not-care.

I have over 20 pc routers to get me through the rest of my life..
Yes, I am a pc fan, but not of the newer stuff when Stanley screwed the pooch.

Got your cranky right here, putz. 

Only problem is you didn’t show a link with an available router.   You linked a web page to an unavailable router.  So before you cast shade , it’d be helpful to get your facts straight.


most are history and none can be had today or back when your link was posted either.
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(10-07-2020, 12:08 PM)Cabinet Monkey Wrote: Got your cranky right here, putz. 

Thanks. Have you ever read the rules here? Winkgrin


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