Putting tongue and groove on a ceiling
  Re: Putting tongue and groove on a ceiling by goaliedad (Planning to put T &...)
(10-11-2020, 06:55 PM)goaliedad Wrote: My questions:
Use adhesive or not?
Hand nail or finish nailer? 16 ga 2 inch nails or longer

my thought:
are t &g wood floors glued down? i think i understand the thought of it being a ceiling but it would seem the wood still should be able to move some.

hand nailing- how many,
"crap- bent that nail now gotta pull it"
"crap- theres another ding in the wood."
" dam this is a lot of nailing upside down. im too old for this crap. wheres my air nailer?"

could occur?
  Re: RE: Putting tongue and groove on a ceiling by tomsteve ([quote='goaliedad' p...)
You're going to have to nail it anyway glue is just an unnecessary step.

When I did mine, I used a brad nailer and put it up like flooring, nailed into tongue at an angle. Staples are probably better.

Find joists and strike lines first.
Everything is a prototype so its a one of a kind.
  Re: Putting tongue and groove on a ceiling by goaliedad (Planning to put T &...)
No way I’d hand nail it unless you have more time and simply like hand nailing. I wouldn’t use glue either. I would make sure you use a fastener that has 1/2 of its length in the framing member. 1/2” drywall plus your stock thickness would be a 2” or greater faster. I’d prestain at least.


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