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Green is supposed to evoke nature and is supposed to have a calming effect on people.  Kind of a Valium (or Xanax) that you paint on the walls.  I do wonder if it is addictive like psychotherapy drugs.

I do like a mint green for walls, as long as it is very pale.  But lime green just annoys me (especially as car color).

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(03-31-2021, 01:15 PM)Cooler Wrote:

Pink, on the other hand, represents compassion, nurturing, and love, and depending on the hue, it can make a room playful, feminine, and warm. “Keep in mind, pink has the tendency to go sweet and sappy quickly,” says color expert, Kate Smith. “So, if a homeowner doesn’t want a romantic, girly look, keep lines simple and clean and use sophisticated fabrics.”  That said, pink is a wonderful wall color to create a feel-good atmosphere.  It can be used for “girly” children’s or teenagers’ rooms, or to add glamour or comfort to a dining room.

I love a dusty rose color for the bedroom.  [shrug].
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Many jails use pink walls in containment rooms as it tends to calm occupants. Big Grin
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