Plunge Router with Good Depth Control
I currently have a Porter Cable router with a plunge base. Over the years of use, the locking screw that holds the sliding depth rod no longer securely locks the rod place. I have replaced the locking screw but it still works loose. This of course ruins the cut as the plunge depth
is no longer constant.  

Anyway I am considering a new plunge router but want to make sure the depth control is reliable.  Since there are many brands out there I was wondering if anyone has suggestions and or experience, good or bad, with different brands. 

  Re: Plunge Router with Good Depth Control by tbr (I currently have a P...)
Best one I've used is on the Bosch B1450 and early 1613evs models.  It's a flat bar that snugs securely and is easy to use.  The depth turret is also good and the fine adjustment knob the best arrangements on any router ever.  Works intuitively for raising and lowering while in the locked position.

But, I must say I've never had a problem with the depth setting coming loose while routing on any of my numerous routers.  And I've got em in all flavors from Craftsman to Festool, including PC.
  Re: Plunge Router with Good Depth Control by tbr (I currently have a P...)
I have the DW 621 & DW 625 and they are great plunge routers that have excellent depth stops. However, I removed the depth stop turrets and use brass set up bars, or transfer punches (fraction, wire, letter) to set my depth. It allows me to adjust the depth as necessary. I can also raise the depth slightly by inserting a feeler gauge under the depth stop.  Using the depth stop turrets limits your ability to fine tune the depth of cut and I don't think they are that accurate in setting a desired depth. Additionally, I don't have a lot of faith in the accuracy of the depth adjuster knob / system.

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