Walrus Oil Cutting Board Oil water resistance
Hi guys,

I tried Walus Oil Cutting Board Oil on a cutting board this week. After coat one had dried overnight, I put a drop of water on the back to see how it withstands water. Once I wiped it away, you could see where the water had been and the wipe mark. So I added another, thicker coat, let it dry overnight and did the same test. Same result.

I've been used General Finishes Wood Bowl Finish up to this point and have been happy with it's durability. I was drawn to Walrus' ease of application. Am I missing something here?

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  Re: Walrus Oil Cutting Board Oil water resistance by Bergie (Hi guys, I tried ...)
Could not find either MSDS or SDS for this product so accept list of ingredients manufacturer provides: “Made in USA with Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Mineral Oil, and Vitamin E.” Basically all non-drying oils which will need reapplications with use and over time.

I would prefer using just mineral oil some would like plain mineral oil & bees wax finish. Plain mineral oil Laxative is food safe even if mixed with bees wax. While baby oil or industrial mineral oil are not not food safe.
I always provide a bottle of mineral oil with any of my turned bowls going to be used for food contact. People can reapply as needed. Most people find reapplications fast, easy, and inexpensive when time to buy more mineral oil.

JMHO, would not buy General finishes Butcher block oil after looking up”white mineral oil petroleum and side effects. See section 2 Product SDS”

Section 2 makes believe there are other ingredient not listed in section 3 for General finishes Butcher Block Oil.


Lot of woodworkers and turners disagree with me and this article, “Food Safe finishes.” and I am okay with that! Use your own judgement!

  Re: Walrus Oil Cutting Board Oil water resistance by Bergie (Hi guys, I tried ...)
Oil and wax finishes don't offer much protection against much of anything, including water, as you observed.  But they are easy to apply and cutting into it won't destroy it like it will a film finish like Salad Bowl Finish.  For a board that never gets cut on Salad Bowl finish is a good choice.  For a board that will be cut on pick whatever oil or wax finish you like, or none at all because very few people maintain the finish after a few weeks.  

If you are selling cutting boards, I would use no more than pure mineral oil or paraffin wax, and directions on how to maintain the "finish" knowing that almost no one will.  


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