Which palm / trim router? Corded or cordless?
I was thinking of getting a Bosch palm router, which is corded. Then I saw that Makita makes a small cordless 18v router. Any recommendations? I do have some other 18v Makita products, including a small circular saw which I've found pretty handy.
I have the Colt and like it fine.  I would like to get a larger base for mine.  Sometimes I find the base a little wobbly.

Corded/cordless is up to you.  I am appreciating corded tools more and more as my work time is limited and unscheduled. It is easier for me to run a cord than it is to try to keep batteries charged. I do have a cordless drill and impact driver so I'm not totally wired.  I do have plans to get a decent corded drill sometime though. I've heard they are better for things like pocket screws.
Both routers are actually on sale right now.  The colt + bosch jigsaw blades can be had for $80.  The cordless Makita + starter set with 2 5.0ah is $200.  You can return the starter set and get the router for around $100.
IMO you need a corded one first.  There is a big power difference.

But it all depends on what you're doing with it.
There's another current thread on this subject:  Trim Router Thread

I'll suggest reading it before you decide.  If my corded Bosch were to die today, I don't think I'd replace it with another Bosch.  Finicky/recalcitrant depth micro-adjustment is the biggest reason I would be looking elsewhere.
Generally speaking, I prefer corded tools.  I do have cordless drills and an impact driver that I use and rarely ever pull out a corded drill anymore.  But, I'm cheap.  I have corded tools that I've owned for 30-40 years.  No batteries to die.  No chargers to crap the bed.  No new technology to make the existing obsolete.  Cordless tools have their place and everyone has their own preferences, but even if I were starting over today, I expect that my power tools would be predominately corded.
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I purchased the Dewalt 20v trim router and I love it.  No more chasing cords.  Its impressive how long the batteries last.

Previous to that, the cordless sander is even more impressive.  I've used mine for a few years and I've given two of my corded sanders away.

Another great tool to go cordless is the jigsaw.  No more herding cords on large curved cuts.   I have no regrets on making the switch.
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One advantage of the Colt is that Bosch has a plunge base for it which gives you a lighter more maneuverable plunge router for when you don't need a larger, heavier router. Besides adding plunge capabilities it also lets you use Microfence edge guides and circle jigs which expands the capability of the router. I use it in the plunge base 90% of the time.

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If you’re going to go cordless , this is the router to have:


The others are good routers, they’re just worse compromises in my view.  Top heavy, low run time (comparatively), dust collection hit/miss.  And if you use a vac hose , might as well have a corded one anyway.

Check into the new Milwaukee.  It’s the latest one in the category and has great early feedback.
I have the Makita 18 volt and love it, rebuilt my deck this summer and used it a lot. I would buy it again.

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