How to determine if motor bearings are going bad?
  Re: RE: How to determine if motor bearings are going bad? by Wild Turkey (I have a "mechanic's...)
(11-24-2020, 10:15 PM)Wild Turkey Wrote: I have a "mechanic's stethoscope" that lets me listen to the noises from certain areas via a metal probe so I can easily listen to the suspect area.  

really helps me locate a noisy bearing, but wouldn't help if quiet is the problem Rolleyes

The OP can stick a big screwdriver on the bearing housing or cap, and his ear on the handle, and possibly hear the bearing spinning the blade by hand.  Old-school.  Not as good as a stethoscope, but definitely better than the unaided ear.  Especially my ears.   Sad

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  Re: How to determine if motor bearings are going bad? by WxMan (I have a Delta Rockw...)
IMO - don't worry about the bearings.  You don't have an electronic stop so the blade will spin; lots of force on the blade when power is shut off so it will spin for a while.  You will be able to hear bad bearings.

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