Cross dowel, 1/2 Ply, jig ?s
I'd like to use cross dowels to join 1/2 ply.
Assume 1/4 is appropriate cd size?

But, the jig?
I find this jig on aliexpress
3 in 1 doweling jig
which looks like a knock-off of an earlier, discontinued Woodpecker's model.
or would an inexpensive jig work, such as this Home Depot offer

Advise and recommendations appreciated.

  Re: Cross dowel, 1/2 Ply, jig ?s by Redicliff ([color=#383a3b][size...)
Don't think I'd use dowels to join ½" ply. There are some good doweling jigs available of that is your thing. What are you planning on joining to what and using what joint style?
Thanks,  Curt
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  Re: Cross dowel, 1/2 Ply, jig ?s by Redicliff ([color=#383a3b][size...)

This is what I think of as a cross dowel.  Is that what you are talking about?
  Re: Cross dowel, 1/2 Ply, jig ?s by Redicliff ([color=#383a3b][size...)
the first jig you linked to looks to be the type to install cross dowels like Allen shows in his post
the other one looks to be just a doweling jig to install wood dowels
there are a few cross dowel installation kit makers at least there were like jessem / woodpeckers / LV and probably more

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