comments on my blank kiln
  Re: comments on my blank kiln by scpapa (I built this last we...)
(12-09-2020, 03:49 PM)scpapa Wrote: I haven't turned as many as you, but I have done more than a few, buying dry blanks is expensive. My quest is to dry them, but not too fast, so I'm not waiting months to a year for them to dry out. I prefer not to turn them twice.
I hear you about not wanting to wait, but once you get a few blanks drying/dried, you’ll never need to wait again. Right now I have about 300 blanks rough turned. I can pull 100 right now that are ready to turn.
  Re: comments on my blank kiln by scpapa (I built this last we...)
I just pulled one blank out and rough turned it to see how it turns (pun intended) out. I wrapped the edge as I saw in a couple of YT videos. I'll check in a couple of weeks to see how badly, or not, that it cracks.
Thanks for all of the replies.
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