Anyone mill and dry ELM?
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(12-13-2020, 12:01 AM)EdL Wrote: Interesting..the only time my lumber has ridges that pronounced, is when the band gets dull.

Maybe the lighting makes them look worse than I think.


When mine did that is it usually had a tooth out of set.


The Revos apparently are designed to clamp railroad ties and pull together horrifically prepared joints
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  Re: Anyone mill and dry ELM? by Kudzu (Have (what I think) ...)

Just wanted to follow up.  100% sure it is a hickory now I have cut up about 3 racks of firewood. 90% sure it is Bitternut Hickory.

I have been very surprised at the wood. I am starting on the tops, cutting up the limbs and there is very little of dark chocolate browns I expect to see in Hickory. When I find it is typical where it has lost a limb or at fudge or had some damage. We are just not into the rustic look of what I think of when I think of hickory.

If the bigger logs are like this and not full of the dark brown I am going to mill up most of it. It is very nice looking wood, very tight grain. My wife was getting excited and would love to have some furniture in the new house made from trees off the land.
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  Re: Anyone mill and dry ELM? by Kudzu (Have (what I think) ...)
Never heard my dad cuss very often, but he had choice words when making floats for his dragline out of elm and hickory planks for drainage ditches through marshes.

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