I need a new jigsaw!
  Re: I need a new jigsaw! by AlanS (I don't have a band ...)
I have a Milwaukee cordless that I’m quite happy with. I really like not having to deal with the cord. I had festool carvex previously which worked fine but sold it because I didn’t think it was a big enough improvement over the many lower priced options.

If it was in my budget I’d try out eh Mafell.
  Re: RE: I need a new jigsaw! by NORM ABRAHAM ([quote='Kudzu' pid='...)
(12-20-2020, 09:20 PM)NORM ABRAHAM Wrote: Forgive my ignorance, help me better understand this technique.

A better way to say it would be you rotate or turn the saw along the axis of the blade.  Most people don't realize when they try to cut a curve they actually turn the saw along an axis behind the blade and they are trying to push the blade sideways, causing it bend.

If you have cut curves on bandsaw it is the same thing.  You have to 'spin' the part along the blade so as not to twist the blade sideways.
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  Re: I need a new jigsaw! by AlanS (I don't have a band ...)
It's not only the brand of blade, but the type.  Narrow blades designed to make very tight curves are much more difficult to keep cutting square, particularly in thicker stock.  Use sharp stiff blades to cut square with a jigsaw, and buy the blades that say they are for wood.  These look like the right sort of blade.

If you buy a better jigsaw, you'll use good blades in it, so you might as well try good blades in whatever you have now.  You might be surprised how much difference they make.
  Re: I need a new jigsaw! by AlanS (I don't have a band ...)
I've had the Bosch 1591EVS for around 15 years and it's never failed me. I only use Bosch blades.
  Re: RE: I need a new jigsaw! by Bill Holt (The Bosh barrel grip...)
(12-18-2020, 07:48 PM)Bill Holt Wrote: The Bosh barrel grip is the easiest jigsaw to use and helped me realize a jigsaw does not have to "butcher" the wood.  When I needed a new jigsaw the barrel was not to be found, but I did find a Bosh.  That was more than 20 years ago and I'm still happy.


Love mine.  Got it as refurb from Tyler Tool in Tylertown, MS.  Unfortunately they got bought up by CPO a while back and the bargains on refurbs don't seem to be as commonplace nowadays.

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