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I made a patch for the low spot yesterday from a piece of scrap that had a similar grain pattern.  Here it is clamped over the low spot.

I traced the outline with an Exacto type knife, scoring it a couple of times to get a deep incise.  Then I used my palm router to cut out the area to a depth of about 0.1".  If you work carefully you can route right up to the Exacto line with very little clean up required by hand, but I still had to do the last bit at the tip of the inlay by hand. 


You can see another inlay to the left.  I actually had that one nearly done when the base of the router tipped into the recess and left a sunspot on the left side, so I had to make another, slightly larger, inlay and re-do it.  With the new inlay fit I glued it in.  

This morning it looked like this when I removed the clamp.

And after hand planing and rough sanding it looks like this.

A little art work and I think it will be passable.  

As an aside, I had never used sandpaper coarser than 80 grit until a couple of years ago when a Jamaican friend who I let do a couple of projects in my shop asked if I had any 60 or 36 grit.  I don't mean to imply that sanding is the solution to all your (or my problems) but those grits sure do make leveling joints fast and painless, as long as you don't get carried away and leave a swale.  I flushed the top of the table in about 10 minutes with 36 grit.  From here it should go pretty quickly up to 150 to get it ready for the finish.  

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Lookin good...........


The Revos apparently are designed to clamp railroad ties and pull together horrifically prepared joints
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Very nice matching of the grain, you will see it but no one else will.
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Excellent!  I hope I don't run into the same situation, but.........sure hope I can do as nice a job as you!
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Somebody would have to be looking for that to notice it.  Thumbs up!

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