RIP Phil Lowe

The woodworking community has lost one of its giants with the passing of Philip C. Lowe. He was a consummate craftsman and former instructor and head of the furniture making program at North Bennet Street School in Boston, and later at his own school, The Furniture Institute of Massachusetts.

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  Re: RIP Phil Lowe by Gary G™ (RIP!!! The woodwo...)
Really?  He passed?????

We used to live in Beverly, MA and I visited his shop.  Helluva nice guy!!

This is so sad....
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  Re: RIP Phil Lowe by Gary G™ (RIP!!! The woodwo...)
In fact, the 2 bookcases I built about 20+ years ago were modeled on ones he had in an issue of FWW....
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  Re: RIP Phil Lowe by Gary G™ (RIP!!! The woodwo...)
Sorry to hear that. Unlike the current breed of flashy, style over substance, money-minded or clicks-oriented video makers, Phil delivered his material just like one woodworker (more experienced, of course) to another. Not as a marketer or snake oil salesman.

  Re: RE: RIP Phil Lowe by Handplanesandmore (Sorry to hear that. ...)
I never had the pleasure of meeting Phil, but I sure learned a lot from him reading his articles in FWW.  He always came across as the consummate craftsman with a respect for traditional methods of work.

  Re: RIP Phil Lowe by Gary G™ (RIP!!! The woodwo...)
Wow, what a loss.  

I enjoyed his many articles, visited his shop a time or two and randomly encountered him a small handful of times.

A real class act.  So skilled, but so humble, and so willing to help.

Rest in Peace Phil.
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  Re: RIP Phil Lowe by Gary G™ (RIP!!! The woodwo...)
He had cancer. Aspen Golann told me at a class I attended in November.

IIRC, it was either lymphoma or leukemia.

I never met him, but I enjoyed his articles and videos on FWW. I am told he was a talented, yet humble man.

We have lost a true artist.
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  Re: RE: RIP Phil Lowe by Martin S. (He had cancer. Aspe...)
Phil Lowe and Charles Neil are two people who have impacted my ww'ing the most.

Funny I just came across this old DVD of Phil Lowe he must have been in his 30's.  Think I'll watch it again...........


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