DeWalt Planer workaround?
  Re: RE: DeWalt Planer workaround? by fredhargis (I keep a piece of pa...)
(01-14-2021, 01:31 PM)fredhargis Wrote: I keep a piece of particle board in my planer all the time. It lengthens the infeed/outfeed tables. But my particle board has laminate so that it's slick enough to let the lumber slide easily. That's the only concern I would have with the plywood. If you have a piece of Melamine or such it might work better. BTW, My board isn't secured in any fashion, it just lays there. To keep it from sliding through with the workpiece  there is a pair of cleats on the infeed side to stop it. So I think your idea is fine, other than the slickness. You might want to wax it before using, and try a piece of scrap first to make sure everything is good to go.

What a great idea.  I need to try this!  THX
  Re: DeWalt Planer workaround? by Kizar_Sozay (I have the 11" wide ...)
Looks like this is old. But if you have one...there is a stop on one of the sides that can be adjusted to let it go down more. I have mine set to go to 1/16 or 1/8. You have to be careful with it that low.
  Re: RE: DeWalt Planer workaround? by Large Wooden Badger (Not a helpful answer...)
(01-14-2021, 01:30 PM)Large Wooden Badger Wrote: Not a helpful answer but I used this as an excuse to buy a drum sander.

I'm on that road; I've got an 8/4 12"wide, 6' long slab of birdseye maple (eyes on both sides too) that I'm going to resaw into veneer later this year for a project and see a drum sander in my future.....
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  Re: DeWalt Planer workaround? by Kizar_Sozay (I have the 11" wide ...)
I have an aged piece of 2" red oak that I clamp to the input/output tables to get a non flexing surface for <1/4 planing.  Since the planer will sometimes pull up the leading edge of pieced that small (about 3 inches) always plan on a piece overly long for planing. In other words plan on throwing away about 6 inches.
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