Genie garage door opener
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Quickest? Easiest? Buy a motion sensor led ceiling light. Connect the two wires to a salvaged lamp cord. Plug into other half of duplex receptacle for closer. 

Or; you could have an Electrical Engineer trace the circuit on the board, jump power to the sensor to keep them always on, and wire them to a relay and timer to power the light without activating the closer motor. 

Of course then you might need a new remote!
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I think I understand what you are trying to accomplish, but growing up in the 60’s, we flipped a switch when we wanted a light on......
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(01-20-2021, 09:15 AM)aquaticjim Wrote: Blue Tooth has a maximum range of 33 feet assuming a clear line of sight to the receiver.  This means you have to be in the garage for the signal to work.  By the time you open the application, allow it to connect, it is faster to just use the light switch.

Sorry I should have said Wifi.  I can turn the lights on from any place that has wifi as for the chamberlain door I believe it is the same although I have never used it, I get emails and alerts from Chamberlain from time to time about the features.
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The thread that won't die.


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