Grizzly Tablesaw Motor problems- rant
  Re: Grizzly Tablesaw Motor problems- rant by rednoblue (Hi All, I have a pr...)
This sucks.  I always figured Grizzly was doing a pretty good job w/ parts.  But 4-YO and no motor availability is a major fair, IMHO.
  Re: Grizzly Tablesaw Motor problems- rant by rednoblue (Hi All, I have a pr...)
“It’s unwise to pay too much, but it’s worse to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money — that is all. When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything, because the thing you bought was incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do.”

“If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well to add something for the risk you run, and if you do that you will have enough to pay for something better.”

John Ruskin  1819 – 1900
  Re: Grizzly Tablesaw Motor problems- rant by rednoblue (Hi All, I have a pr...)

Let's be honest here, you really are not angry at Grizzly as much as you are at yourself.  You found a table saw dirt cheap and knew it did not work.  You jumped on it before investigating the background of that particular model.  Now you are angry that what you thought would be a bragging situation turned into a gotcha.
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Your description of the winding melted/welded to the case , normally if this happens the windings are totally burnt.   Many motors have the windings dipped in varnish and baked,  could this be what you seen ?  Roly
  Re: RE: Grizzly Tablesaw Motor problems- rant by rwe2156 (It's an issue, and n...)
(02-18-2021, 10:31 AM)rwe2156 Wrote: On the 15" planers below Grizzly $1625  Powermatic $2888  Other than the bases, switches and motors what's the difference other than 1200 bucks?

The helical cutterheads are different. 15HH 5 rows 72 inserts, Grizzly 4 rows 52 inserts. The devil is in the details. You used to get a Byrd with the 15HH now you get a knock off for the same price so that's bogus. I have owned both of these, one major flaw (since corrected) on the Grizzly was the textured steel outfeed roller which pressed dents into the wood that were ridiculous to sand out vs the smooth steel outfeed roller on the 15HH. In the current Grizzly spec's they note a smooth steel outfeed roller now.
(01-12-2022, 09:33 AM)Ratfink Wrote: Also note.
The second you call Grizzly to complain about any defective part, new machine failure, etc.... Lori from Grizzly Tool will put you on thier customer blacklist which prevents you from purchasing anything from them online or in person forever.  If you need parts for your brand new 25k Milling Machine or 22k Lathe you will be out of luck forever. Ahh yes... Good luck trying to get a refund for any new broken purchase regardless if its never been unpacked and it cost you 2k to ***** it back to them.

If you ever need parts or need to purchase anything from them and you are blacklisted you will have to use a friends name, address and credit card.  Or go directly to thier location and pay cash and use a fake name.

Figure everyone should be warned that anything new you purchase from Grizzly will need work, tweeking or repair. This is thier expectations. The second you have the slightest complaint like your new 35k mill smoked and caught fire.... You end up on thier blacklist....

Ratfink dispatched.  
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  Re: Grizzly Tablesaw Motor problems- rant by rednoblue (Hi All, I have a pr...)
I almost made same mistake buying the same saw but did a little research & found out Grizzly stopped making parts for it. So I upgraded to a new Grizzly model that they have been selling for years hopefully I'll never need parts for it (I'm old saw should out live me). I also had to deal with Grizzly customer service due to a shipping problem & they always answered the phone and took care of the problem.
But it does suck for them to not make a motor for a 6-7 year saw.
  Re: Grizzly Tablesaw Motor problems- rant by rednoblue (Hi All, I have a pr...)
"After I posted this,  I remembered I actually did something different.  I had an old Powermatic jointer, with a motor with the common frame mounting bracket on the bottom ( 42 IIRC ) and found a motor with a C face mounting pattern-  bolts go into the face of the motor, and just made a bracket out of baltic birch ply, mounted the C Face motor to that bracket, and mounted that bracket to the mounting plate on the jointer, and it worked fine.  Obviously, there is a lot more room on a jointer, but you may be able to craft an adapter.  Or you may find a commercial bracket that you can modify to work."

From what I can see of that motor/mount on their parts diagram it doesn't look that complex. I'd put some thought into moving the bracket or fabricating a replacement. You're not into any significant $$ unless or until you buy a motor. If you can find used even better.

While looking at the parts list they have a motor listed, Part No. P0715P106. Some accessories like that motor fan cover show discontinued but the motor itself shows available for $264.25. I doubt the motor is actually available but if it were could you strip off the discontinued parts from the old motor?
  Re: Grizzly Tablesaw Motor problems- rant by rednoblue (Hi All, I have a pr...)
I’d look for a different used PM66 or Unisaw. Great saws with a good used market for any—if needed—future parts.


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