12 inch Bosch glide adjustment?
(01-24-2021, 09:32 AM)stav Wrote: That seems like a pretty significant piece.  I would see if there is any possibility of a warranty repair first.

I can’t expect them to warranty repair something that I know I caused by kickback.

The part that I need does have a part number, apparently its 871.  Looking at the diagram, 871 looked to me like it was for the bushing that appears on the other end of that line.

Fortunately, I was able to get a rep from Bosch on the phone, and she emailed me a parts diagram for my saw, I sent her the picture that is attached above and she was able to get me the part number.

I ordered it and $60 later including shipping, I got the part a couple days ago.  It went on just fine and now the saw is back up and running.

Normally when I have had to take a tool apart and put it back together, I have cursed the engineers that built it and threatened to kick them in the Keester if I ever meet them, that was not the case with this.  While there was a significant amount of work getting everything off and back on the new part, everything went fairly smoothly.

Their mechanism for getting the spring that holds the head up retensioned is quite ingenious and is easily done without any special tools.

Before I realized this part was bent, I ordered the fence pieces from tool parts direct.com and haven’t seen them yet, had I known that they were going to take this long, I would have just ordered the parts directly from Bosch.

Well that turned out well, and for not a lot of money.  Kudos to you for persistence.  

Wow! $60 for that casting seems like a steal! Good on you for sticking with it snd on Bosch for good service.

I've only had one...in dog beers.

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Just picked a new blade up for the saw looks like this saw is going to be for wood only, I will hold onto my 10” delta non slider for aluminum, or better yet cut the aluminum on the metal cutting bandsaw. 

For anyone ordering parts from anyone for the Bosch 12” glide, make sure you are getting parts from the diagram that corresponds to your engineering number that’s on the saw. Apparently there are some differences in these saws and while the parts diagrams look same they aren’t. 

I have a couple fence pieces that are going to have to be returned now due to not being aware of that  


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