Need tips on moving lumber
  Re: Need tips on moving lumber by SteveS (I'm planning on maki...)
(01-24-2021, 04:30 PM)cams2705 Wrote: Many Army officers I've met in my career have done their moves using ABF.  The company delivers a trailer in front of your house and you load it.  I would load the lumber flat on the floor and then my household goods on top of that.  When you're done, they come back lock a false wall across the back of your stuff and they move it to your next location.  I believe they charge by how much of the trailer you utilize.  They will use any empty space behind what you load.

When I was stationed in DC, a friend and I were the guys who came and put up the false wall and then told the ABF dispatcher to come and get it (this was the mid-90's).  We had it down to a fairly efficient process.  We didn't touch the shipper's stuff...ever, at all, under any circumstance.  It's all up to the shipper to make most efficient use of the space.

One shipment I remember in particular; it was in a rather seedy area on the east side of DC.  I was called and told that the shipper had all of the shipment loaded into the trailer.  The trailer was in the parking lot of an apartment complex.  ABF had dropped off one of the short semi-trailers; same size as what you see when a tractor-trailer is pulling a double trailer setup (pups).  I opened the trailer and the shipper has just piled their (stuff) beginning at the front and it was strewn the length of the trailer.  Shipper wasn't around, and I wasn't inclined to start knocking on doors looking for the shipper.  There couldn't have been 1500 pounds of (stuff) in that trailer.  If it had been packed efficiently, it could have been packed in about the front 6 feet of that trailer.  I put up the false wall at the back end of the trailer, closed the door, put on the metal seal, and then got out of there as soon as I could.  When I called the dispatcher, I told them what I found and what I did.  I'll bet there was a small kerfuffle over that.

Sorry for the diversion, but you took me down memory lane.
  Re: Need tips on moving lumber by SteveS (I'm planning on maki...)
If it happens to be 2" x 4" (nominal) construction lumber . . . and other sizes of conventional construction lumber, I would suggest having an armored car service come and collect it.

Don't forget to insure it . . . probably for way more than you would think you should.
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