Domino and Biscuit Joiner
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(02-15-2021, 03:17 PM)Cabinet Monkey Wrote: Well, you'd be wrong.   Yes

Again !   

I have been "trained" at the factory.    And I have Rick's fine supplemental manuals in print.   

I've also been a memeber of FOG - the original one on Yahoo before TTS strongarmed it away from the creator.   And have met and talked to Nahm on three separate occasions.   No doubt he could have peddaled festools on the show.   I even suggested as much to Christian at IWF many, many years ago, because Tom Silva already used the gear courtsey of Bob Marino.   

None of that changes anything with regard to domino.   It just isn't a necessity for my work, and many people fall in the same boat.  I'm happy that it was a game changer for you, but that doesn't make it a game changer for everyone.  

So how about piping down on how superior you think your knowledge is over mine because you drank the kool aid.  Grow up.   Dominos have sold themselves since they came out.  They are still fine , and don't need your cheerleading to help sell them or spread the word.   They are doing just fine on their own.

Nope. Mentioning about the history of fog, throwing a (retired?) vendor’s name, owning a copy of the free pdf, and using words like fanboys and drinking kool-aid don’t make you a trained domino user. Properly trained and seasoned domino users don’t make an erroneous statement like this: “… the domino's shortcomigs - the main ones having been solved by third party vendors because festol was too ignorant, stupid, or arrogant to solve themselves.”

Try again, and tell us where the domino machine can’t perform its designed functions without a third party accessory. I’m all ears even when it’s not from an expert. Smirk

Oh. For the record, I've never said the machine is a game changer for everyone.....please quote the post where I said that.

  Re: Domino and Biscuit Joiner by lincmercguy (For the Domino owner...)
Working on a quarter-sawn oak top for an over-sized endtable I used my 557 and some #20 biscuits for the first time in probably a few years. Worked a treat to keep the boards aligned during glue up. But to be fair, was careful about clamp placement & balancing and slowly adjusting the pressures. 

That's the reason I have a 557, alignment. Works every time if you pay attention to what is happening AND have your materials well prepped. And understand what poor clamping technique can do.

Then because I do prefer using hand tools, I finished of the surface prep (after allowing about 24 hours total dry time -- don't want any telegraphing biscuits) with a #80 cabinet scraper and a well tuned #4. Because the alignment was pretty much dead on, the cleanup and prep took all of about 20 minutes for both sides of a 30" x 24" top. Probably spent more time planing endgrain than working the surface.

At least 10 years ago I made a coffee table and used biscuits as loose tenons. So far, so good, even after standing on it several times because it gets me just high enough to dust the ceiling fan. Also moved and dragged and generally abused because it isn't fine furniture. Each joint has two biscuits through the thickness of the material. This was early in my building "career" and honestly I've treated it as an experiment. If I was to built it today, I'd probably do proper mortise and tenon joinery just because I sort of enjoy chopping mortises.

Certainly wouldn't trust a chair whose major stress joints are held by biscuits though.

Don't own a Domino but have borrowed one. Nice, does its job too if you are patient with it and read the instructions. But that goes for just about every tool, be patient with it and read the instructions.
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