Anyone try the Irwin pull saw?
My bandsaw wasn't doing the job for cutting the "crank" on my spoon blanks. I saw the Irwin dozuki style pull saws at Lowes and decided to try one. The price was attractive, and I was sure I could use it for a number of odd jobs if it didn't do the job intended. I got it home and discovered it is not just a japanese style saw, but is made in Japan. My first experience with a pull saw.

Not overly impressed with the course side, but that may just be my technique. The fine side works like a champ. It's not working that well for the intended purpose, although I may just need to cut it before cutting the outline on the bandsaw. I will try that next time.

I now find myself interested in cutting dovetails and wondering what other tasks this saw will excel at. It feels wonderful in the hand, and gives a sense of control. Makes me want to pick up their single edged dovetail pull saw at just $15.

Anyone have experience with this saw? If so how does it compare to other dozukis?

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  Re: Anyone try the Irwin pull saw? by clovishound (My bandsaw wasn't do...)
What I see looks like a Ryoba, dual purpose--two saws in one.  Fine teeth are cross-cut and coarse are rip-cut teeth. I rarely use the rip side but it can cross cut softwoods. I went to this saw's predecessor some time ago when push saws got too difficult for my bad shoulder. The teeth are impulse hardened and quite long lasting, unless you hit metal or super hard knots. The teeth will snap off and you be left with a smooth edge. You can't sharpen them. I could buy replacement blades as late as 3 years ago. 

Japanese style pull saws may be a good easy quick solution for cutting wood that is probably too much trouble for electrics. The traditional hamdmade pull saws will dance circles around western handsaws, but one needs to be committed to them because they cost a fortune. And, then you need someone to sharpen them.
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  Re: Anyone try the Irwin pull saw? by clovishound (My bandsaw wasn't do...)
Head slap. I meant ryoba, not dozuki.

I didn't see anything on the package, or website about rip vs cross cut, but I have suspected the coarse side is rip filed.

This saw would definitely come in handy for some home improvement repairs.
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