Cab door painting
Do you use a paint booth? If so, it is ventilated?

Do you paint horizontal or vertical?
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I don't use a booth.  I do spread out some drop cloths, and shoot in the basement. 

I only shoot water-based finishes from a HVLP unit. 

I don't shoot within several hours of cutting wood.  I have not seen much of a problem, and I use Advance which takes hours and hours to dry and has plenty of opportunities to collect dust.

I had planned on using my old darkroom (ventilated as a "clean-room"), but it was too small for that purpose.

The best way to ventilate a spray booth is to use filtered fresh air forced into the room, with provision for the stale air to exit the booth.

That solves two problems.  First, using an exhaust fan will suck dust into the room, so that is no good.

Also an exhaust fan has to be explosion-proof if you are using volatile finishes.

Forced filtered air intake will not need to be explosion-proof.  The filter will be in the way of the motor and the air will be blowing away from the motor.  Not a problem.

I do wear a face mask.  Or you will sneeze the same color as you are painting.  I wear glasses when I shoot too.
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I use the booth
I use the horizontal type
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I use a temporary spray booth in my basement shop. My DC fan becomes the exhaust system from the back of the booth out a nearby window.  Another window across the shop provides makeup air.  I try to spray horizontally whenever possible as it minimizes runs plus I generally can see the wet line better.  Light - you want lots of it.  If you can't see the wet line you can't do a good job.  

I only spray shellac and WB products.  They both are pretty non-toxic but you still don't want to be breathing in their VOC's or deal with the overspray landing back on your freshly shot surface.  I wear a half face respirator with organics cartridges.  That will protect you while spraying, but the VOC's will hang around a long time afterwards when you aren't wearing it unless you have exhaust while spraying.   

It doesn't have to be fancy to work well:

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I've been thinking of hanging shower curtains off of conduit.  Has anyone done this?  The mildew resistant liners are 72" x 72".  Which means I would have to leave it 1 foot off the floor or one foot down from the ceiling. 

I think dropping to the floor is a better option. 

Cheap and easily moved aside on shower curtain hooks, I can leave it set up all the time and just pull them out when needed. 

Any thoughts?  I only spray waterborne finishes.
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