Sawstop contractor vs Unisaw
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WT, glad to hear you weren't hurt more seriously than you were.  I would have admonished you for not using the guard and splitter, but then read you had the dado stack on.  The only saw that's going to protect you in that circumstance is a SawStop, so if you don't want to change your work habits get a SawsStop.  Personally, I can't imagine going from my Uni back to a contractor saw, but you may be ok with it.  On the other hand, if you are willing to change your work habits and cut dados with your router, RAS, etc. then there's little reason to get rid of the Unisaw IF you always use the splitter, blade guard, and push sticks to keep your fingers away from the blade.  

Good luck with whatever your choice.  

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After using my old Unisaur for years I used a Delta 10" contractor saw I bought, because the price was a giveaway. Using it made me love the Unisaur even more. I wouldn't go from Unisaw to contractor saw.
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WT, first I'm glad to hear you didn't suffer worse injuries. As you discovered, a table saw can quickly nibble away your flesh before you even know what happened.

Second, my fingers are valuable. I play guitar, sax, and other instruments. The loss of even one finger would drastically alter my playing ability. Plus, I'm kind of fond of my digits and highly allergic to pain.

Third, my wife is always concerned when I'm in the workshop by myself. So, when she heard about this thing called SawStop she TOLD me to get one. At the time a 3 hp PCS was a bit over $3k. I've found my PCS to be extremely well designed and constructed. I would guess that anything made by SS will be of similar quality.

Am I still careful around my SS? Oh, yeah! I treat it just as if it didn't have the flesh sensing technology. It's a great piece of equipment and if you go the SS direction you won't be sorry.
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The price of a trip to the ER is something of which you are now aware. It is worse when one is retired. I sold my Ridgid contractor saw about 3 years ago and recently bought a 3 HP 36" PCS with the T-Glide (Biesmeyer clone) fence. I spent about 6 months agonizing over the cost and decided that I did not want the hassles of a contractor saw. The only mistake I made was ordering the PCS instead of ICS mobile base.

The saw is arguably as good as any western style table saw. Is the $600 - #1K premium worth it? Ask yourself and your wife. What is the value of a finger or hand?
Thanks,  Curt
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Mike, If you're going to sell your Unisaw, give me a heads up.

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