Another Cross Country Move Question - Covering Surfaces
  Re: Another Cross Country Move Question - Covering Surfaces by jcredding (I'm just starting to...)
Back in 2001 when the Squeeze and I made an interstate move, I made two stout wooden boxes for the Uni-saw cast iron wings. 

I also coated the cast iron Uni-saw, spindle, sander, jointer, etc., tables with a spray on product that I purchased from the Home Depot paint department. If memory serves me it was designed to keep brass and copper from tarnishing?? Easy to apply, but can't remember what I utilized to remove it.
  Re: Another Cross Country Move Question - Covering Surfaces by jcredding (I'm just starting to...)
(03-01-2021, 09:58 AM)jcredding Wrote: I'm just starting to break down the shop for our move from CA to NC (will mostly be handled by professional movers except some of my special items).  I completed the anti-corrosion treatments (used CorrosionX HD) and had a couple questions with the idea everything is likely to live in my garage for up to a year while I build a new shop:

1.  Should I remove all tables from machines like drill press, bandsaws, 20" disc sander?  Assume yes so nobody can lift by them, but thought I'd check.

2.  Should the cast iron surfaces be covered in anything more than the corrosion inhibitor (magnetic sign material, masonite, etc.) - question is whether it matters?
Wax them

3.  What sort of paper would you use for wrapping planes?  I recall there's a rust inhibiting paper, but don't know whether that's necessary.
If is a very good idea. Lie-Nielsen sells rolls of it. When I ordered a handsaw from Stan Covington in Japan, he recommended storing it wrapped in newspaper, and a rust inhibitor. I had never heard of that (and who has newspapers any more...) but maybe an option.

Appreciate any input from those who have done this before - this is my first.

Aram, always learning

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