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(03-05-2021, 01:29 PM)arnman Wrote: Derek,
Are you still satisfied with the spyderco ceramics?

I have two sharpening set ups: Worn 600 grit (Fine) Eze-Lap diamond stone, Spyderco Medium and Ultra Fine. This is an essentially waterless system ... except that I do spritz with soapy water. 

The second system is a Shapton Pro 1000, and Sigma 6000/13000 ceramic waterstones. These are kept flat with a diamond stone and used with a lot more water.

Both systems work well, and have pros and cons. The Spyderco system makes very little mess, and is my preference for times I dip in-and-out the shop. It was created for minimum mess and upkeep, such as woodshows. This system has very little set up time as the stones stay flat for years, and a little soapy water/paper towel keeps them clean. However, they are a little slower working that the Sigma system. I also think of them as for the more advanced woodworker since they offer very little feedback. Ultimately, the Shaptons and Sigmas are more pleasurable to use since they provide more feedback.

The Shapton/Sigma system is my preference, especially when working with Japanese chisels. They cut faster, but require more maintenance - more water, more flattening, more mess (contained by a rubber mat). 

Regards from Perth

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Thanks for the feedback Derek. I bought the Spyderco stones based on your positive comments a few years ago. I have achieved very good results with them, but I know what you mean that they do not provide much feedback. I have found myself wondering if they are actually doing anything.

I read in another forum that one user used them as a sharpening plate, and added some very fine grit to speed sharpening. I don't remember the details of that method. I would not want to damage the stones, if that is even possible.

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