Mice in crawl
Was looking at another recent thread regarding whether those ultra sonic devices worked.
I came to the conclusion long ago they didn't.
Anyway my focus is keeping them out.
I'm still catching them in spring traps so not doing great at that. 
I greatly improved my access hatch by framing it and sealing it with that foam stuff. 
They like chewing on that though as evidenced by the "crumbs" they leave behind. 
Anyway We have Orkin out every 3 months spraying for ants and they check the crawl space as well. 
I know I have some spots where the siding has pulled away some from the foundation and have used the foam filler there. 
The Orkin guy suggested Power Grab. He says it sets up hard and they can't chew through it.
I just bought a tube and going to experiment to see what it looks like but knowing what I'm trying to accomplish does anyone have any suggestions on a sealant to use between the siding and foundation?
Xcluder 162743 Rodent Control Fill Fabric 3 Rolls of Steel Wool Blend to Protect Home from Rats and Mice

About this item
  • Xcluder Rodent Control Fill Fabric fills gaps, holes and openings throughout buildings to create a barrier that pests are unable or unwilling to gnaw through
  • Effective protection against rodent entry through weep holes, gaps around pipes, attic vents, siding, and other vulnerable spots in your home or office
  • Utilizes coarse stainless steel wool interwoven with poly fibers to effectively deter rodents, insects and other pests from entering homes or office buildings
  • Tested by both USDA / APHIS, Rodent Control Fill Fabric creates a protective barrier against rodents and insects without reliance on harmful chemicals or harsh pesticides
  • Includes three 4-inch by 5-foot rolls; eco-friendly, non-corrosive material ensures durable, reliable performance that won’t rust or discolor and remains discreet
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Gaps between siding and foundation are how they get into my house.  I think a gap filling hardening "caulk" is not likely to do well to help keep that gap closed as expand/contract cycles are hard for that kind of stuff to deal with.

I was going to suggest stainless steel wool or copper wool; that has worked well for me in the past.  But barnowl pointed out the Xcluder product.  I didn't know that was out there.  I'm going to look into some of that for the homestead.
Excluder works well.   We buy thousands of dollars worth a year.    Sealing each hole is different though depending on size and what it's in.   Using the siding lip example from above, if a house has been resided numerous times you may need to bend trim coil to bridge the gap on the house.   Hardware cloth can also be used for large gaps.   Sometimes its best to fix the original craftsmanship if its of questionable quality.

With sealants, they all work, we use silicone.   We have tried numerous types and brands over the years.   They all have advantages and disadvantages.   The key is to apply it correctly, without any gaps.   The gap allows air currents to pass tgrough and the mouse will have motivation to chew.

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