Looking at some barn wood.
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(03-11-2021, 06:15 PM)iclark Wrote: That looks like a nice haul.

Not pushing, but are you aware of the Beads of Courage effort?
No I have never heard of it.
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(03-11-2021, 08:09 PM)RustyN Wrote: No I have never heard of it.

Beads of Courage is an emotional support effort for children undergoing medical treatments. To over-simplify, the child receives a bead (usually glass) for each time that they experience a medical treatment.

There is an associated effort by woodworkers to make boxes to hold those beads.

Info about the AAW participation in making turned boxes is available here.

One of the challenges for turners is finding blanks large enough to make boxes if they do not do segmented turning.
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Beads of Courage

My grandson, who is now 8, got his beads when he was born. He seemed fine, then his issues was soon discovered. His heart was plumbed backwards. A very rare thing to happen. He was flown to Austin then to Dallas. His story is very long so if anyone is interested, ask. He had alot of things that had to be done that hurt him, and as he passed different goals, he received his bead for it. He got a lot of beads before we left the hospital.

There is a movie about the guy that invented the operation. it was a black man, who got a job for a doctor, wanting to impress his GF, so she would marry him. He started out cleaning pens for the dogs that were used to experiment with, by the DR trying to figure out how to fix this issue. He worked nights, and started reading books the DR was writing, trying to learn something. he got caught reading the books and was almost fired because that was something due to his color, that was not allowed. To keep his job, he convinced the DR to tell him more so he could learn. He eventually started doing some operations on some of the dogs, but he had to do them in the dark so he wouldn't get caught. He figured it out, then got the nerve up to tell the DR and began teaching the DR how to do it. A case come in on a little girl, and during her surgery, it was looking like the girl wasn't going to make it, which at that time, none had ever survived. The Dr called the guy into surgery and he finished the surgery and the girl became the first survivor. Later the parent found out he was black, and the DR almost lost his career over it. It eventually worked out that he became the first black person to be allowed to attend and graduate form John Hopkins University, where this was all happening, and he bace the forst black man to have his picture displayed inside a big rotunda somewhere on the campus. If you want a good movie, this is it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Something_the_Lord_Made

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