Hammond Glider TrimOsaw
I am helping my brother liquidate some machinery.  It is located in Addison IL.

This is a really cool tool.  If I had room in my shop, I would get it.

A Hammond Glider TrimOsaw. 

It is great condition.  The only flaw I saw was in the blade guard.  It had been broken at one time and the fix was a little clumsy.  Check out the picture.
The gliding table moves SO smooth.  This is from an era where they REALLY built tools to last.
It would seem that you can cut pieces with great accuracy.  The tool was used in a print shop.
I was told that the feature on the right hand side held a hold down feature.  It was not present when I took the pics but they were certain that it was available.  I don't know if they found it yet.
The dust bin is a great feature.  It rolls all the way out and has a handle on it to make emptying a breeze.
The saw works fine.
It is HEAVY but a forklift is available for loading.


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  Re: Hammond Glider TrimOsaw by iublue (I am helping my brot...)
I’ve had one of those for quite some time now. The device on the right is called a batter and is adjustable for repeatative cuts like using a fence as a stop. You are missing the work clamp that fastens to the table in the hole on left side of the blade and anther hole on the backside of the table. If you use the clamp, your fingers will never be near the blade. Forest has a WWl blade available for this saw. The measuring scales are in”pica” which is common for the printing industry, but many have converted them to imperial scales. This saw is not only handy, but is very accurate but limited to crosscuts. Mine gets used on every project I have made.
  Re: Hammond Glider TrimOsaw by iublue (I am helping my brot...)
No interest in this fine piece of machinery?

One thing I did forget to mention is that the saw is in Addison IL.
  Re: Hammond Glider TrimOsaw by iublue (I am helping my brot...)
Saw is SOLD and paid for.

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